War Diaries – Harry Allsop

War Diaries – Harry Allsop – Northumberland Fusiliers

Private Harry Allsop, 19th Btn Northumberland Fusiliers
Died Thursday, 28 March 1918, aged 40
Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial, France, Remembered on the Tutbury War Memorial

Allsop was one of the MISSING listed at the end of the page

22-31 March 1918 War Diary (Hand Written)


Battalion moves to DE WIPPE CABARET, staying overnight ready for entrainment


Battalion entrains at PESELHEOK, N of POPERINGHE and proceeds via CALAIS, BOLOUGNE, ETAPLES, AMIENS, to CORBIE arriving at 11am on 24th
Embussed at CORBIE at 4pm and proceed to BRAY, arriving at BRAY at 4.30pm
9pm marches to MARICOURT, arriving at 11pm.  Transport at BRAY.


Battalion in action. Report of action attached
Overnight of 25th at 11:30pm, transport was in BRAY.  No orders were received to evacuate the position but the remainder of the PoW(?) transport moved off.
Three wagons were at MARICOURT with rations and water.  These were saved and at 1am the Batt. transport moved along the BRAY-CORBIE road to within 3 miles of CORBIE and parked just off the road.


On 26th at 9.30 am the transport, having regained touch with Division, moves via MERICOURT-L’ABBE to RIBEMONT-SUR-ANCRE, halting immediately S of main ALBERT-AMIENS road.  Orders were received to proceed to WARLEY

26 4pm

Transport arrives at WARLOY-BAILLON and parked S of village, moving on 27th March to W or WARLOY


See Action Report below

30 11pm

Battalion relieved & proceed to LAHOUSSOYE into camp

31 11am

Transport joined Battalion at LAHOUSSOYE

The following casualties occurred during the operation 25th 30th March

Killed Capt W FAWCUS MC
Wounded at Duty Lt Col WPS FOORD D.S.O., Capt AA POCOCK

WPS Foord Lt Col
Commanding 19th NORTH FUS (Pioneers)

Action Report 28th March 1918 (typed)

“Y” Coy. Reconnoitred DERNACOURT and established posts in the village.  At 5 am the enemy put down put down a barrage on the village and the embankment.  As visibility improved enemy were seen advancing in small parties into woods and E of DERNACOURT.

Many casualties were inflicted upon them by rifle and L.G. fire. ”Y” Coy. Was forced out of the village end enemy attack developed against the centre and left companies.  One L.G. under Corpl. DODDS was sent onto left flank to enfilade the enemy side of the embankment; although the team suffered heavily the gun was in action all day.

Two sections were sent to support “Y” Coy. During the morning.  “Y” Coy. and “Z” Coy. seeing the situation critical and the enemy massing behind the embankment at once made a bayonet charge.  The enemy turned and ran.  Our men stood up and shot them as the fled to the shelter of the house, causing heavy casualties. Snipers and M.G’s were busy and the enemy kept up a lively and accurate artillery fire from which our men had no cover.  3 Lewis guns were found on the position, and fired all day.

At night 18th H.L.I. took over part of the line and brought in a machine gun the enemy abandoned in his flight from our bayonet attack in the morning.  Two platoons of “W” Coy. moved from right to strengthen “Z” Coy. on left.

General (30th March 1918)

The battalion was finally relieved and proceeded to LAHOUSSOYE into camp.

After the first 48 hours when the constant moves of the companies made communications difficult, rations water and ammunition were carried to the troops regularly.  Hot meals were sent up in the field kitchens.

(2) before the embankment was left all equipment and arms and arms of casualties were salved and returned to transport.  All wounded were safely evacuated and all dead were buried.

(3) The following is a summary of the casualties: –

                  Officers   O.R
KILLED          1.          48.
WOUNDED   6.         184.
MISSING       –              7.
                      7          239


  • Harry Allsop is Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial and is therefore one of the seven MISSING.
  • A full strength Btn. Was 1,007 officers and men.  By this stage of the war Btn strengths would be significantly reduced but even at full strength the casualty rate would be nearly 25%
  • March 28th was the 3rd worst day for British casualties of Operation Michael with about half the casualties of March 21st.