Vol I – The Fallen of WWI

The printed version of Volume I has been given free to relatives of the Fallen who have helped with the research and to churches, museums and schools in the area.

While stocks last, it is available to anyone else for £10.00 (slightly less than printing costs), delivered free in the Tutbury area or P&P to elsewhere (please contact us for a copy). 

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The Table of Contents and List of Names  from the book are listed below.

This is the Second Edition of Volume I of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance.  It includes the 47 men from WWI listed on the Stone Cross War Memorial at St. Mary’s plus 3 more from other Church Memorials that are covered in the First Edition plus another 40 Fallen from WWI who had their roots in the Tutbury area and would have been known in the village.

The Second Edition also has the following updates:

  • The appendices on CWGC cemeteries and on regiments have been updated to reflect the additions
  • The Tutbury and Hatton section has been updated with then and now maps
  • A section has been added on what life was like in Britain in 1914, both at the turn of the year and the events leading up to the declaration of War on August 4th 1914

We hope you find the 2nd edition interesting.  Please observe the following copyright notice


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Volume I of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance can be read or downloaded here 


Volume I Main Contents

Alphabetical List of Names9
Foreword to the 2nd Edition11
Foreword to the 1st Edition13
Notes on Terms and Terminology17
Tutbury and Hatton – 191423
Britain – 191427
Did You Know31
The Fallen – WWI – 1st Edition35
The Fallen – WWI – 2nd Edition97
Appendix 1 – Local War Memorials151
Appendix 2 – Rolls of Honour159
Appendix 3 – Cemeteries and Memorials of the Tutbury Fallen165
Appendix 4 – Cemetery and Memorial Descriptions169
Appendix 5 – Cemeteries Location Maps201
Appendix 6 – The Tutbury Fallen and Their Regiments203
Appendix 7 – WWI Timeline213
Appendix 8 – WWI Theatres of War215
Appendix 9 – The Western Front217
Appendix 10 – The Christmas Truce 1914219
Appendix 11 – Commonwealth War Graves Commission221
Appendix 12 – North & South Staffords Battalions223
Appendix 13 – Fallen by Date227

Volume I Alphabetic List of Names

ALLSOP, Private Harry38
ASKEY, Private Albert99
BANNISTER, Private Frederick William39
BENNETT, Private Frederick William40
BENNETT, Lance Corporal George Frederick41
BENTLEY, Private George Edward42
BENTLEY, Private William43
BLOOD, Private John101
BLOOD, Private Robert101
BLOOD, Private James Andrew100
BOND, Private Charles44
BOND, Private David45
BRETTELL, Gunner Alfred Henry46
BRIDGEN (Brigden), Lance Corporal Frank102
BRINDLEY, Private William Percy103
BROUGHTON, Private Edwin (Ted)47
BULL, Sergeant Charles W48
BUNTING, Private Owen49
CAUSER, Driver George Edwin50
COATES, Private Thomas51
COOK, Private William52
COTTON, Company Sergeant Major Charles William104
DUNICLIFFE, Able Seaman Eric Charles53
DYCHE, Private John Edward105
DYCHE, Private Richard William106
ELTON, Steward Ernest Harris107
ELTON, Private Sydney108
FARMER, Private Abraham54
FEARN, Private George55
FELTHOUSE, Private Thomas109
FOSTER, Private Henry110
GENT, Private William Henry57
GEORGE, Private Albert Edward111
GREGSON, Private George112
HADLAND, Private Edward Frank58
HAND, Lance Corporal James John59
HAWKSWORTH, Private Jack113
HILL, Private William Henry113
HINDS, Private William60
HOOD, L/Corp Frank Ernest115
HUDSON, Private Samuel John116
JOHNSON, Private Alfred117
KIDD, Sergeant John James61
KNIGHT, Gdsmn William Henry117
LEADBETTER, Private John Henry (Jack)62
LEADBETTER, Private Robert118
LEEDHAM, Private Stephen63
LOWE, Private William Gordon119
MATTHEWS, Private Frederick Arthur120
McGUIRE, Private John Phillip121
MERREY, Private Tom64
MORETON, Private James122
NASH, Private James Thomas65
NEWTON, Lieutenant William Trafford66
OWEN, Private Alick68
OWEN, L/Crpl Henry John123
PAGE, Private Bernard Henry124
PARKER, Sergeant Alfred James69
PARKER, Private William Henry70
PATEMAN, Private Ogden71
PEGG, Private Joseph72
PERKINS, Driver Ernest Albert73
PLUMB, Private Ernest Lewis74
POWELL, Rifleman Edwin75
POWELL, Corporal Wilfred76
PRESS, Private George147
PRESTON, Private Bert124
PRIESTLEY, Private William Edgar77
RADFORD, Private Robert78
REDFERN, Private William125
ROE, Driver Thomas Henry128
SCRIVEN, Private Albert Henry149
SIDDALLS, Private George Henry129
SMITH, Frederick80
SMITH, Private Frederick James Henry80
SMITH, Private Frederick John Harbridge80
SMITH, Private James William130
SMITH, L /Crpl Thomas Richard131
SMITH, Private William83
STARLING, Private Percy133
TALBOT, Private Joseph84
TAYLOR, Private George134
TIMMINS, Private Albert Charles85
TREADWELL, Private Arthur86
UPTON, Private William John135
VAUGHAN, Private Wilfred136
WALKER, Private William Harry87
WEAVER, Private Vernon James137
WHEAT, Corporal Samuel90
WHEELDON, Shoeing Smith William92
WILLIS, Private John Henry138
WILSON, Private James Arthur139
WILSON, Private John Charles141
WOODALL, Lance Sgt Ernest93
WOODHALL, Private Samuel94
WOOLLEY, Private Edward142
WOOLLEY, Private William143
WOOLLEY, Private William Vivian145
WORRALL, Private James95