The Books

The Tutbury Book of Remembrance will consist of several volumes:

Remembering the Fallen of WWI (Volume I – 2nd Edition)
      – published, authoJane Nuth –
read or buy the book here  

The Silent Ones of WWI (Volume II)
in preparation by Jane Nuth – read about it here – ♦can you help♦?

Remembering the Fallen of WWII (Volume III)
planned – Volume III will follow the pattern of Volume I, recording the lives of the Fallen of WWII whose names are found on Tutbury Memorials

Sergeant Charles William Bull (WWII) (Volume IV)
published, author David Charles Bull – read the book here contact the author at david.bull73  at

Tutbury’s War Memorials (Volume V)
       – planned Volume V will document the 15 known War Memorials (2 subsequently lost) of Tutbury

Conservation of the Stone Cross War Memorial (Volume VI)
planned – Volume VI will document the successful conservation of the Stone Cross War Memorial at St. Mary’s and its subsequent rededication

Lest We Forget – Nestlé (Volume VII)
      – published – authored by Nestle, the book contains photographs of all those Nestle employees worldwide who died and those who were decorated.  It also lists all those who served.