The Letters of George Fearn

George Fearn, 242539, 1st/6th Bn.,
North Staffordshire Regiment

The Letters

George Fearn’s wife May kept many of George’s letters and they are now in the possession of Kay Tomlinson.  Permission was given to copy the letters and a hardcopy is available to view in Tutbury Museum and on this website.

The documents have been divided into five sections:

  • Peacetime letters from George to May before they were married
  • Peacetime envelopes – showing where May lived
  • War letters to his family at home
  • Official Notifications after his death
  • In Memoriam – memorials and remembrance

The documents have been scanned as carefully as possible but the wartime letters were written in pencil and so can be difficult to read.  In addition, many of the letters were written on folded paper which has been flattened to scan.  These will appear typically as two pages where the letter pages are

Page 4Page 1
Page 2Page 3

The source documents were kindly loaned to us by Kay to read and scan so that they can be shared with other people interested in the life of George Fearn.

The letters can be read in the following PDF documents:

Peacetime Letters (7 MB)

Peacetime Enevelopes (1 MB)

War Letters (27 MB)

Official Notifications (6 MB)

In Memoriam (1 MB)

and now read about Goodnight George

The documents were scanned by Andrick Design Services, August 2012
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